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Select a car of your choice & get the lease rental estimate by filling basic details


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You have a choice to compare different Hyundai cars


Upload documents

Upload the mandatory documents by clicking on the link sent to you via E-mail & SMS


Credit check

Check your eligibility through credit check bureau


Product delivery

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A car for all your needs

We have a range of cars to meet your every requirement


Lease rental starting at ₹11,580*


Lease rental starting at ₹7,181*

Grand i10

Lease rental starting at ₹9,150*

Elite i20

Lease rental starting at ₹10,047*


Lease rental starting at ₹15,875*


Lease rental starting at ₹ 18,121*

Kona Electric

* Inclusive of road tax, with a tenure of 5 years and a mileage of 50,000 kms for a base variant.


  • Flexibility

    Pay for as much as you use

  • Hassle-free

    No worries about maintenance or insurance with 24x7 roadside assistance

  • No Down payment*

    Drive home a brand new car with no money paid down

  • Easy Upgrade

    Enjoy the comfort and luxury of the latest vehicle

  • Fixed Costs

    Predictable monthly cost

  • Cost effective

    Be free from vehicle risk

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How is the lease rental calculated?

You only pay for how much you drive! Meaning: you don’t pay for entire value of the car, you only pay for the usage value of it, and based on the mileage and duration of the leasing contract and the additional services you opt for.

Q.What are the additional services I can opt for from Hyundai Leasing?

You can opt for various services from Hyundai Leasing at a nominal additional cost that can get clubbed with your monthly lease rental:
  • Maintenance

    This would include regular vehicle maintenance, mechanical repairs, tyres and battery replacement

  • Insurance Claim handling

    This would include dealing with the insurance company to obtain approval of the repair cost, following up with the workshop to ensure completion of the job, managing the workshop payment, easy exit in case of vehicle theft or total loss

  • Door-to-door

    The vehicle shall be taken in for maintenance requirements by Hyundai Leasing and delivered at a mutually convenient address within the city limits.

  • Relief Car

    A relief car can be provided while the vehicle is in the workshop for mechanical or accidental related work

Q.What are the possible contract periods?

It all depends on your needs. You can select from a minimum of 2 years to a maximum of 5 years. Based on the duration of contract you choose, you can then decide on the mileage based on your usage pattern.

Q.Can I choose the make and model of the car I want to lease?

You can choose from any vehicle, variant and color according to your choice and taste, as long as it is in line with your eligibility criteria.

Q.Which cities is Hyundai Leasing available in?

Hyundai Leasing is currently operational in Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai.