how it works?

Hyundai Leasing! The easiest way to have a car.Wouldn't it be nice if the hassles of ownership, car maintenance, repairs, breakdown assistance and insurance were all handled by someone else? We have news for you - In case of Hyundai leasing, we offer you just that! What's more, you only need to pay for as much as you use the car for. So have a worry-free drive and leave the rest to us. We are here to take care of your drive!

What is car leasing?

The concept of Car leasing is similar to the concept of renting a house or a commercial property. You drive a vehicle of your choice, for an agreed length of time (usually between two and five years), for a set monthly fee. You have complete freedom of choice over your vehicle's make, model and specifications (colour, variant, etc.) and your contract is tailored specifically to you in terms of the estimated annual mileage, the length of contract & how you'd like your payments to be structured.

The difference between leasing and financing is that with financing you borrow money from a financial institution for purchasing the vehicle to own whereas in leasing you do not carry any hassles of ownership while enjoying the drive of your dream car. The monthly lease rentals of a car is derived based on the car model, the variant, the tenure, the kilometres and the value added services contracted.

Why choose Hyundai Leasing?

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  • Complete Digital

    Which means, Smooth and efficient process with no paper work, safe and secured online upload of documents, digital calculator for the lease rental estimate.

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  • Pay as per

    Most car Owners change their cars every 3 to 4 years. Inspite of knowing that they would change their car after a certain period, they pay for the whole cost of the car upfront. The moment a new car is driven off a showroom, lakhs of rupees are driven off its value. Drop in the resale price is always a gamble when you buy. When you lease, you can forget about this risk. And what's great is that you only pay for what you use. Simply put, it becomes our problem, not yours.

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  • No Down

    Perhaps one of the most lucrative offerings of a car on lease versus a car loan, leasing a car offers you the comfort of driving home in a spanking new car with no money paid down. The money you would have spent paying for your vehicles down payment, can now be put to better use by investing in instruments that provide better returns.

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  • Goodbye to unpredictable
    maintenance costs

    Car maintenance costs can be unpredictable, time-consuming to track and hard to plan for. The cost of service and repair may well rise over the course of its life. With service, maintenance and repair included along with your contract, your drive is simpler, more predictable, and you see your costs up front so budgeting is easy. You spend less time and money on service, maintenance and repair. Whatever happens on the road, your finances aren't on the line.

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  • No more maintenance

    When you own your vehicles, keeping them roadworthy doesn't just drain your budgets. It wastes your time. If your car breaks down on the way to a meeting, it's up to you to sort it out. Lease your vehicles with maintenance, and we take charge of the rescue and repair, liaising with a garage, and organizing a courtesy car*. You simply get on with your job. As opposed to owning a car and bearing the cost on unpredictable repairs, we take care of it for you. Better yet? We even pick-up and drop the vehicle for you!*

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  • When you lease you can upgrade to the latest make & model every few years

    ensuring you the comfort and luxury of the latest vehicles. At the end of the lease contract, you can either extend the existing contract or upgrade to a latest car of your choice by signing a new contract.

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  • You get all this, and you still stand to save money

    A life free from vehicle risk and with fewer costs (and ones that are more predictable), where you're able to budget more effectively, and you have more time to do your job. You would think that would cost something extra. But here's why leasing wins over purchasing so often. When you consider the whole-life cost of your vehicle purchase costs, vehicle management, administration, insurance, servicing, maintenance, resale, save you time to focus on your growing business. At the end of the day, it can cost you less than if you bought your vehicles outright.